Statement of Purpose for


Fascinated by branding; majoring in film-making, I found my sweet spot in motion graphics. Having worked (part-time/internships/freelance) for over 3 years now, I have come to realize that one shouldn't design for the client, but for their customers. Although my niche can be called motion graphics, I wish to design a 'communication' before anything else. May it be designing a logo, writing a poem, drawing a poster, shooting a video, or distributing 50 oranges for that matter, the focus should always be on conveying the purpose, loud, clear, and sometimes subtle. 

Proficient in all the software as showcased in my portfolio, I wish to learn more of those in order to not limit my ability to express my ideas and take them from my mind to the market in any way.

I am highly deadline-oriented & do believe that magic can be made overnight. I like working in teams and possess experience in collaborating both on-site and remotely. I completely understand that there can only be one I in IBM.

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